Hi! I’m Tamara. I own Mapkey Creative Consulting, LLC. I have been writing for as long as I can remember, my first short piece of fiction I wrote at the age of four, “The Ant called Bant,” a story about a baby ant. I never stopped since then.

I’ve also been known to devour books at a rapid rate. When I was about five, my father had to plead my case to the local librarians and ask that I be allowed to take out double the maximum amount of books per week because I would read them all, and I did, and thanks to my father I was granted permission to do so.

Since then, I’ve driven across the United States a handful of times, traversed Europe a couple of times, Mexico once, and have worked a lot of odd jobs. I love writing and entertaining people. I also love Marketing and Sales and when you blend the love of those four things together you get a creative, funny, passionate, writer that you can trust will smash your deadlines like a marathon runner – keeping an even pace – but also setting a new personal record is always the goal.

Our Mission

Mapkey Creative Consulting is your trusty guide to copywriting. Most divine in the holy trinity of Sales, Search Engine Optimization, and Web Content. Through an ever changing path of blog posts, emails, newsletters, product descriptions, press releases, publicity, social media, statements, and so much more, MapKey Creative is creating the difference between a beaten path and an unscathed trail.