We manage and direct a companies internal and external communications.  We supervise public relations staff, create communication strategies, and may serve as the key spokesperson and media contact for the company.

Corporate Communications Services:

  • Collaboration on speech writing for all speaking opportunities.
  • Collaboration on talking points for media interviews.
  • Communications including concept development, writing/editing, and production.
  • Create and edit content for website, newsletters, messaging and marketing material.
  • Develop communication materials, including press releases, Q&A documents, presentations, fact sheets and briefing documents.
  • Email Correspondence – you need to craft a compelling narrative to your internal and external employees, customers, stakeholders, etcetera but want to make sure the tone and the message are correct, leaving no room for misunderstandings, I can help. I have experience in crafting emails for global corporate communications.
  • Global Communications – for example: English is the same in the USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Scotland, but the same words have very different meanings, and I know this and can save you time and prevent language errors in your emails.