Elvis Room 20 P.R. 2

For Release: September 29, 2019        

Contact: Curt Schulz at curt@elvisroom.com or Barb Steinbach at babs66@mac.com  

Elvis Room 20 Set for October 2019

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Poems, Stories, Journal Readings, and 9 Concerts, in 5 venues, in 3 cities 

Portsmouth, NH – Now home of The Goat, 142 Congress Street, in Portsmouth, NH was once where The World-Famous Elvis Room was located. It was a coffee shop and music club. It was home to artists, musicians, and students from local high schools and colleges. Though it was only open for six-years and closed 20 years ago, many of its patrons forged lifelong friendships that felt more like family. 

“The Elvis Room is the place that gave me a life-long love of live music,” says Curt Schulz. “Me, and countless other kids that grew up on the Seacoast, still talk about the venue even though it was only open for six years and closed two decades ago.”

The Elvis Room opened in 1993 and was owned by three women, Dawn-Marie Pierre, Barbara Brecht (Steinbach’s maiden name), and Lori Baker. It had one pool table, a stage, bookcases build into the walls, two pinball machines, comfy couches and chairs and a fog of cigarette smoke. Though it got labeled as a place of rebels and outcasts, it also had its share of cheerleaders and varsity football players disguised as leather-clad, doc marten wearing punk rockers. It was a place for everyone.

“Elvis Room 20” organizer Schulz worked with Pierre before her death, and then with her fellow Elvis Room owner Barbara Steinbach, to bring the retrospective to fruition. 

“The music scene – alternative, punk, ska – was infectious, and I found myself identifying with the young, counter-culture crowd. There was an energy and pulse to The Elvis Room that I have not found since it closed. I’m really grateful I could be part of that time and place because if the Elvis Room never existed, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”

The Elvis Room closed its doors in June of 1999. Though it was open for less than a decade, it created a community that supported and encouraged artists and musicians. It was welcoming to all. It didn’t matter if you grew up in a mobile home or a mansion. You were part, and you belonged. Many of its inhabitants got their start at the Elvis Room with the encouragement of its owners to get on stage and play, or to keep drawing, painting, or writing.

This past June made the 20th anniversary of the Elvis Room’s closing and even before Dawn Marie Pierre’s passing this past Spring there was a reunion and celebration in the works planned by Pierre and Curt Schulz. Curt was a patron of the Elvis Room, and he organized along with Dawn Marie and then Barb the exhibit, series of music, and journal readings for Elvis Room 20 on the Seacoast of New Hampshire. 

The exhibit and music will kick off at 3S Artspace on Friday, Oct. 4, with a concert featuring indie/alt-rockers Thanks to Gravity, beloved native son Dan Blakeslee, and special opening act, blues guitarist Bob Halperin, who was the first musician to play at The Elvis Room.

The following night will feature pop punkers The Cretins, Laramie Dean on surf guitar, followed by the legendary pop-punk rockers, The Queers. Part of the proceeds from the opening weekend shows will go to a fund for Dawn-Marie’s 17-year-old daughter’s college fund. The exhibit will remain on display until Oct. 27.

More information on Elvis Room 20:  https://elvisroom.com