Content Creating | Copywriting | Digital Marketing Manager
Mapkey Creative, LLC | Portsmouth, NH  
March 2018 – Present  
At Mapkey Creative, LLC; For this marketing consulting company, I collaborate, conceptualize, and write for campaigns across all media, plus develop social media content calendars and plans, including strategy. I also build basic WordPress websites. I track the effectiveness of online marketing efforts, including blogs and social media channels. I manage social platforms to activate digital marketing strategies. I grow audiences for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook by 16x and increase engagement rates by 4x.
Clients: Salty Straight Edge, TEDxPortsmouth, and others

Freelance Writer  
Tamara J. Collins | Portsmouth, NH  
June 2010 – 2018   
Conducted interviews and wrote arts & entertainment articles for both online and print magazines and newspapers.
Publications: Portsmouth Living Magazine, Lollipop Magazine, Discover Hollywood Magazine, and others.

Marketing Communications Lead
TEDxPortsmouth (formerly TEDxPiscataquaRiver) | Portsmouth, NH  
April 2017 – April 2018   
For this annual event, I collaborated, conceptualized, and helped lead creative teams, managed writers, and social media plans, including strategy. 
Clients: TEDxPiscataquaRiver, now TEDxPortsmouth.

Windmill Hill Consulting, LLC | St. Louis. MO
June 2010 – January 2012  
For this boutique digital marketing agency, I collaborated, conceptualized, and wrote for campaigns across all media, plus social media plans including strategy. 
Clients: Collins & Herman, FAMA, FEMSA, Laredo Apartments, Peter Pap Oriental Rugs, Scape Signs, and others